Music for Early Years


Music Making is an incredibly important activity for children.

The effect it has on their development is both powerful and beneficial.


Music stimulates the brain and encourages it to create new connections.  Listening to music, music making and singing can build neural pathways between left and right sides of the brain, aiding linguistic development, stimulating language and memory.


Through Musical activity and song, we can build confidence and self esteem alongside vital skills such as freedom of expression, self-reliance, spatial awareness and understanding cause and effect.


Engaging in musical activity at an early age is not just about taking first steps towards a formal music learning, getting children ready to be instrumentalists, neither should it be defined as pure entertainment or “fun” activity. The unique power of musical activity is that it can speak to everyone. Music creates a level playing field; everyone can engage in it, it isn’t just for the academic child.  This is why it is confidence building.


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