Hullabaloo Musical sessions encourage individual participation within a group.

Confidence building, musical play-based activities are designed to encourage vocal confidence (singing)

or musical participation (confidence with instruments) to ensure that every child has the opportunity

to feel actively engaged in the session.














Musical confidence is developed as children are offered the opportunity to both hear and explore

different types of live musical instruments.


Focus is placed on listening activity - combining storytelling and movement in response to listening to varied musical styles. This integrated relationship with other creative mediums such as movement, drama, storytelling

and art to produce a musical and cultural experience where children are able to express themselves dynamically, allows for maximum engagement and opportunity to progress musical skills.


Songs are used to develop vocal skills and singing, and to encourage movement and comprehension. Use of repetitive, simple songs and Kodaly musical signing encourages children to learn, join in and develop vocal skills and sense of pitch. Music making and song are used to encourage phonics awareness and developing speech skills. Original action songs and themes are combined with traditional songs and poems. Number counting songs enhance developing numeracy skills.


Some areas of the musical sessions are handled in a more free-flowing format to allow the music leader to

engage in child-initiated, one to one musical activity using the instruments, props and songs learned, and

allowing the child to take the lead in directing play.

We explore rhythm, dynamics, pulse, pitch and timbre. Communication and social skills

are developed, as the children are encouraged to talk about the music they play and hear, and become confident taking part, improvising, initiating, and leading the group.

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